The Punisher

Project 3 of 10

Play as either the Punisher or Nick Fury – Agent of SHIELD, together or alone, and fight your way through many battlefields of dangerous criminals and machines. Find and defeat the Kingpin of Crime in this punch-em, kick-em and shoot-em-up game. The game’s graphics have a Marvel Comics-type look.

Both characters had a different way of defeating a boss. At the end of each level, the boss would be interrogated by the person who dealt the fatal blow. If Nick Fury dealt the fatal blow, he would interrogate, then knock out the opponent (if both characters were on screen for this, Punisher would usually make a “We should just kill him!” comment near the end of the interrogation). If The Punisher was the one who dealt the fatal blow, he would kill the opponent after the interrogation (if both characters were on screen at the time, Nick Fury would immediately scream “FRANK, NO!” or “Was that really necessary!?” as the kill happened.)